An essential data structure

An array is store of the same type of data. Now, not every programming language is zero indexed, but pretty much every one that you might use is. So if you’re not sure what a zero indexed array is this is the article for you! We will explore arrays, and what it means for you as a programmer.

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Array: An ordered series of objects which are the same type

Contiguous: Connected or touching

Equality: The state of being equal

Don’t fall for these!

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Ever wondered what ideas the students have to wind up staff when using IT equipment?

Students have been using technology for years, and some in America decided to share their tips and techniques (anonymously). Read on to make sure you don’t fall for any of these!

The teacher’s computer

- “We like to mess around with the settings of the monitor before the teacher comes in. With a few simple keystrokes you can turn the screen upside down, or change the background to bright pink or whatever. It’s seriously annoying, especially for the older teachers.”

- “You can do a…

It varies. But what else? What is a constant?

Variables are vital for us in any modern programming language. But what exactly is a variable, and can we make an analogy for people reading this article? I say yes, on both counts.

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Difficulty: Beginner| Easy| Normal | Challenging


  • None, but for practical purposes it would be useful to be able to produce a “Hello, World!” application in your chosen programming language


Assignment: Giving (setting) a variable a value

Constant: A variable that cannot be changed

Data: Information processed or stored by a computer

Declaration: Announcing a variable (usually) at the beginning of a program

Naming convention: A set of…

Linear or binary? What?

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Make sure you have looked through this previous entry in this series first to understand the importance of algorithms.


  • Know what an algorithm is
  • Be able to read Pseudocode


Algorithm: A process or set of rules to be followed.

Array: A data structure that holds multiple items (Integers or Strings for example).

Binary Search: An algorithm to look for a target within an array, by deciding for a pivot if the element is in the first or second half of the array.

Comparison: The act of comparing two things.

Divide and conquer: An algorithm…

An algorithm is a sequence of steps that a computer follows. Let’s explore!

Lesson support:

A computer needs a sequence of steps to run through. That sequence is an algorithm and that algorithm can be represented by a computer program.


  • None


Abstraction: The process of removing unnecessary detail from a problem.

Algorithm: A process or set of rules to be followed.

Computer program: An implementation of an algorithm (or algorithms).

Decomposition: The act of breaking a problem into a series of sub-problems, with the goal of solving the initial problem.


To solve a problem you often need to take a step-by-step approach to it. …

Yes: a feedback stamp is not enough

We know that feedback is important, and a fairly recent study ( has broken down feedback into a series of student conceptualisations that can guide the way that we think about feedback and how we might change the way feedback can be delivered to our students.

Feedback as telling

Feedback can be equated with information transference. At times a student needs to be told that they are doing something wrong (or, indeed right). …

Breaking down a problem

Recursion is simply about breaking down a problem. This article seeks to explain the concept, and how it might improve your programming!

To follow this Medium post you would need some basic Swift knowledge (functions, types and arrays) and be ready to understand one of the most important programming concepts to take your understanding of Swift to the next level.

What is recursion?

What’s going on over there? What’s in the box?

What’s going on over there? What’s in the box?

Recursion a function that calls itself. if we think of the image above there are ever repeating images. But are they repeating to infinity… an image represented by a fraction…


Learning Swift

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